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Music that brings healing to the soul, mind and body!

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No Fear - No Inhibition!

Gabrielle Helene is from the Tampa Bay area in Florida. Born and raised in Orleans, Ontario a few minutes from Ottawa. Helene moved to Florida in 1992 and lives in the Tampa Bay area.

Gabrielle Helene is a song-writer and singer. Her faith is her inspiration for writing new songs.

"NO INHIBITION" is not just a title for the CD but a way to live life. Too many of us live in fear and we never accomplish what's in our heart. I challenge everyone reading this, to live out your dream and pursue what's in your heart.

Gabrielle Helene is an ovarian cancer survivor (2010) and wants to encourage women to know the symptoms. She states that "I want to live my life in a meaningful way and I want to make a difference!" For more information on the symptoms, click on the teal ribbon below.

Ovarian Cancer SymptomsLearn the symptoms of Ovarian cancer. Click on the teal ribbon!


You Know
I sitll Believe
Better Days by Gabrielle Helene

"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."

Aldous Huxley

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